Acute knee

Prior to correcting her left knee, corrections were made to the subluxations of the spine. To save time, we did not film that portion. It is always recommended to check the spine first for...

Nervoscope break

The level of where the nerve pressure occurs will produce a quick deflection of the needle in the nervoscope.

Acute lower back and leg pain

It is essential to post check with the nervoscope. After correction of the L5 vertebrae, the patient had gained partial and temporary relief of his symptoms .After post checking with the nervoscope, the Ileum...

(Jan – Feb 2013 Vol 47) Chiropractic Cases: The Frozen Shoulder

Andy, who is in his late forties, came to our clinic in October 2012 with the inability to raise his shoulder in all directions. For the past year he complained of lower back pain and pain in his neck and shoulder while resting and during activity.